Protect your backyard chickens with the CoopBoss and SmartThings®

Manage your Coop with SmartThings®

Set any light level to trigger a door close

See running log of your coop's activity

Get an alert on your phone if your door is jammed


The CoopBoss is a management system for your backyard chicken coop. Its primary function is to safely and reliably manage your chicken coop's door. A photoresistor connected the CoopBoss monitors the sun and allows the CoopBoss to close the door in the evening after your chickens go in for the night. The light level that will trigger a close can be changed to accommodate your chicken's schedules from your smartphone. The CoopBoss closes the coop door by extending the arm of a 12 volt linear actuator sliding your door closed. A unique object detection circuit monitors the door as it closes and if it bumps up against an object or a chicken it will stop and open back up. The CoopBoss will try several times and if after the third time the door still did not close a "Door Jammed" alert message will be sent to your smartphone. The sensitivity of the door's object detection circuit is settable so it can be set to push through debris that may be in the path of the door. In the morning the photoresistor detects the sunrise and opens the coop's door letting your chickens out for the day.


To manage and setup the CoopBoss it must be connected to a SmartThings® home automation hub (not included). The CoopBoss uses a powerful ZigBee® radio to communicate with the SmartThings® hub and should have a range of 50 to 300 feet. If your CoopBoss is too far away or obstacles are in the path it may be necessary to install ZigBee routers to extend the range of your ZigBee network. Once connected you will have access to your CoopBoss wherever your smartphone has internet access through a SmartThings® SmartApp.


June 1, 2017 Update

In May of 2017 I decided to stop selling the CoopBoss. If you have purchased one do not worry. I’m still going to be supporting them. I personally make each CoopBoss and it has just become too much for one person to keep up with. I would like to hire someone to help but with the low volume of the sales, I can’t justify additional help. This has been a fantastic journey and I would like to thank all my customers and the people at SmartThings that made this possible. John Rucker